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This program will likely be gone in less than a year. As small business owners ourselves, we believe we must share, educate, and help spread the word to other business owners you know and in your community about the ERC credit program. Forbes estimates that 80% of business owners are good candidates but do not know about this program.

Help Businesses Win

Want to help business owners qualify for their ERC credit and get their much-needed and deserved stimulus money? We got the affiliate program for you!


With over 32M small businesses nationwide, we certainly can’t do it alone, so let’s do it together.


​As an affiliate, you will be paid a referral consulting fee for every business owner you help obtain their ERC credit. You will get paid in proportion to how many business owners you help and the size of the credit.


With an average ERC credit of over $200,000, you could earn several thousand dollars for each business you help.

Become an affiliate. Help your fellow business owners today. Fill out your information below.

You will be contacted in 24 hours to go over the program and next steps.

Affiliate Program